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Social Media Management

We engage your audience bringing uniquely you and your culture, creating business engagement online before they step through the door.

Our Strategy

Social Media platforms are continuously changing and improving with new mediums appearing each year. Focusing on what your business personality is, coupled with engaging content, perfectly timed, and subtle product and service placement while using the mediums algorithms is what we specialize in. We engage your audience bringing uniquely you and your culture, creating business engagement online before they step through the door.

Social Media Mediums

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube are all similar platforms encompassed under the same name Social Media. We plan, create, design, film, edit, write and implement these accounts, perfectly placing and adapting based on what works best on each platform to captivate your audience. By creating engagement through likes, comments, shares, expanding your reach with strategic hashtags to ultimately building your audience through new followers. We attract eyeballs to your personality, day to day and community involvement, establishing a relationship with current, and future customers, building both your brand and cementing who you have in mind.

Professional Videography, Photography & Graphic Design

Social Media puts faces and images to what your business is. Starting out on the right foot with professionally done, captivating videos, professionality designed graphics and consistent, clean photos of staff and your store start you off on the right foot and keep you there. With a full day each quarter with 2 photographers and 2 videographers, your social medium content will be current, consistent, and fresh. Coupled with designs that stand out from the pack, and showcase your product, image, and message.

Content Creation

Coupled with amazing visuals are well-written posts, the images are designed to captivate and catch their attention, the content adds value.

Implementation (Posting)

Strong graphics, professional videos & photos coupled with content is fantastic, but can have a lackluster result without strategic hashtags, consistent frequency, or even worst of all never making it online. We plan out the proper cadence, timing, hashtags, and frequency, ensuring that your posts make it online every time at the right time.


Find out how Adaptiv Marketing can put your SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY into overdrive
Social Media Management PROJECTS​
From facebook events and dynamic data-driven social media strategies to landing pages and bing campaigns, Adaptiv Marketing has the ability to produce what your business needs, on budget, with the results to show for our efforts